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What our clients say

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"In een lastige werksituatie, waarin duidelijk sprake was van intimidatie, ben ik met raad en daad door Karin Bosman terzijde gestaan. Ze toont betrokkenheid, pakt kordaat aan met kennis van zaken, verdiept zich ook op de werklocatie zelf in de problematiek en weet goed te communiceren op alle niveaus, tot en met het bestuur, zonder dat dit voor mij nadelig was. Zij beroept zich op feiten die bewezen kunnen worden en werkt volgens een strategie. Alle doelen zijn bereikt. Ik ben zeer tevreden en kan haar van harte aanbevelen."


#Arnold Nanlohy - Docent STC - October 30, 2017

"Karin Bosman's lecture at the University of Aruba left a deep and lasting impression on the audience and gave sexual harassment a (new) face. She is a remarkable woman whose perseverance and dedication is changing the world bit by bit"


#Deborah van den Berg - Alexander / University of Aruba

October 23, 2015

"About a year ago I met Karin Bosman professionally and instantly I felt her dedication to help and act humans that experience work harassment. I deliberately say 'humans' as in my opinion Karin is an example of a human rights defender. Recently I found myself in the situation of being harassed/bullied at work and I looked for help. That's where I contacted Karin again. This time for a personal matter. She knows exactly what you are going through and this empathy empowers you. Besides the emotional support she has the knowledge and study to act upon. You simply feel that she is on your side in this storm of unrighteousness. You no longer stand alone, you no longer wonder why this is happening to you and you no longer think you are going to crack. Why? Because she explains to you the mechanism of power abuse, narcissism, jealousy and frustration that often applies to the 'bullier (s)'. It's not you. After that she acts, she stands up for your rights and in my situation the result was positive and liberating. Now that I have gone through a process like this myself, I highly recommend anybody suffering from a situation at work like this to contact Karin. Thank you Karin for all you have done! And keep on doing what you are doing as you change someone's world."


#Linda Reijnders - Editor in Chief Aruba Today - Aruba

April 8, 2017

"As an educationist and social activist belonging to Pakistan, It was a wonderful experience to work with Ms. Karin Bosman of AWH. Her visit to Lahore, Pakistan in March 2017 was more efficacious than expected. In order to create awareness, not only among the 52% female population of the country but to the entire society, together we visited a number of educational institutions as Lahore College for Women University (LCWU), SICAS School (Senior girls Campus), University of Management Sciences (UMT), The Institute of Management Sciences, Lahore (Pak-Aims) etc. Karin was also being invited to speak on ‘Awareness and Precautions on Workplace Harassment’ by National Outreach Program, Pakistan which is a highly popular social awareness platform. Ms. Bosman also visited the cultural heritage of the city and experienced some traditional and cultural events which braced her to comprehend the local mind-set and values.

Furthermore, she is planning to celebrate and conduct a ‘Women March’ on Women’s Day in the coming year, involving the public and private corporate sector. My best wishes and unconditional support to her noble cause is always with her."


#Dr. Maria H. Nadeem / CEO- Cornwall Education & Training (Pvt) Ltd.ality, Lahore Pakistan

March 23, 2017

"The lecture was well presented with vivid examples of the social phenomena. I appreciated the approach Karin used in the delivery of the lecture. Her ability to discuss the issue, from both a theoretical perspective and punctuating it with her real authentic life experiences are what make the lecture, interesting, easy to follow and captivating. Moreover, she told of her story from a very empowering perspective, as she discussed sexual harassment from all perspectives, i.e., how it all began, the psychosocial impact, the reactions of colleagues, and the legal perspectives and steps that can be taken."


#Clementia Eugene / University of Aruba

October 25, 2015

“During an informal evening lecture, Karin gave us a very broad and complete picture of the topic of sexual intimidation. For me, this was my first time receiving information on this subject and Karin covered a lot of relevant aspects, regarding law, intercultural differences and also her own case. I really liked the personal touch Karin gave to this lecture by including her experience, which I thought was very brave and made her story and message very sincere and touching. She was really easy to talk to and I could ask her questions at any moment during the presentation, which created a nice and open environment. I would recommend everyone to read her book, listen to her story and talk about it since communication is key in preventing and battling sexual intimidation.”

# Marijke Zonennberg / Third-year student Honours Programme Wageningen University The Netherlands

March 30, 2016

"I had the privilege to attend both a lecture and a workshop led by Karin. She gives a very clear and vivid explanation of both the law and her own life-experience, which makes it very captivating.

Karin is very approachable, open and authentic. With these characteristics she brings a sense of normalcy to a very abnormal matter like sexual harassment.

The emphasis in this workshop was on how to make a (more) effective policy, how important it is to create awareness about this matter and to make sure the policy remains alive.

She mentioned the risk factors for sexual harassment in the workplace and the scope of influence for both the victim or target and the witnesses.

The perception of the victim always has to be the focal point throughout the investigation. As important is the employer's responsibility to ensure a safe work environment for the employees.

She also dedicated attention on the importance and tasks of the confidential counselor.

This workshop is of great value for employees and employers in general.

Karin, keep inspiring and empowering!"


Drs.Peggy Ottenhoff/Inspector of Education, Curaçao, 21 september 2017

"You really did do a phenomenal job at presenting on such a difficult topic. Again, I am so sorry that you had to deal with such an ordeal.

I truly applaud you for turning your horrifying ordeal into an empowering presentation."

#Maxine Roberts / boardmember HRMA / Princeton USA

January 10, 2017

"Karin presented a compelling, real-life account of workplace sexual harassment. She forces her audience to confront what is a very grave and uncomfortable subject with honesty and compassion."


#Steve Blechman / Executive Director HRIS / Princeton University / President HRMA Princeton USA

November 6, 2016

" want to thank you for coming to the Exchange. This was one of my most memorable Exchanges and so deeply valuable for young minds. I felt like you really connected with all the students in the room, and held their attention, and made them think about some serious issues as future HR professionals, employers and business owners. I could tell that you had a profound impact on the students who attended that day. I think the length and topics covered were just perfect for our audience and inspired them to include Workplace Harassment policies in their future work, which is so important. It was a great honor to have you there and for you to share your personal experiences with our students. Thank you for doing all that you do."


#Holly Bouma /Associate Director Office of Professional Development / University of Central Florida USA

April 24, 2017

“The workshop was a great eye opener and awareness for our associates. We very much appreciate all your assistance.”


#Freya Kraag / Quality Assurance Manager / Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa Aruba

December 16, 2015

"I would like to tell you that the feedback I have received so far has been very positive. I have always believed that HR people are somewhat empathetic when it comes to understanding a person's pain. The people that I spoke to appreciated your story because it was the raw truth coming from a victim."


#Debra Casiglia / boardmember SHRM chapter TCHRA USA

May 11, 2016

"It’s important for the teachers to deal with this issue here at college so our students know how to react and how to deal with this issue accordingly. During the workshop Karin Bosman dealt with the subject of sexual intimidation at work, she shared her own experience and explained how this event changed her life. At the end of her presentation there was a moment for a Q&A and a discussion on this theme. IPA is very grateful to Karin for sharing her story."


#Drs. Jennifer Warner / Communication expert IPA Aruba

October 5, 2015

"On behalf of the Aruba Human Resource Association we would like to thank Karin for the wonderful and educational workshop about sexual harassment at the workplace. The reactions of our members were very positive."


#Janine Ponson / boardmember AHRA Aruba

November 10, 2015

"The presentation of Karin Bosman about Sexual Harassment was a great success! The way she tells the story brings this subject very close to you. We are not always aware of it, but it happens more than you can imagine. With this presentation you will be aware of the problem. It is even bigger than most of us think. Karin is also a very open person. She is willing to help you setting up policies if they are not in place yet. Karin was inviting the audience for asking questions. The outcome was a very interesting discussion of another 45 minutes. People feel themselves involved. Hopefully this was the start against sexual harassment on Aruba."

#Tim Croes / Dean Faculty Arts and Science / University of Aruba

February 15, 2017

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