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sexual harassment

Sexual Harassment

Worldwide more than 50% of workplace harassment is a conduct of a sexual nature. Sexual harassment detrimentally affects the work environment. Sexual harassment is not about sex, read here what sexual harassment in the workplace is about. 

AWH is aware of the fact that there are more forms of unwanted behavior in the workplace besides sexual harassment. Let us inform and train you.



The workshops will create awareness, educate about 'sexual' workplace harassment and will advise on how to define, recognize and prevent workplace harassment in general. Read here about how to take all reasonable steps to prevent sexual harassment from occurring. In order to prevent sexual harassment an employer should have a sexual harassment policy, implement it as fully as possible and monitor its effectiveness. The workshops and training are available in Dutch and English.



‘Spitting on Hans’ tosti’ is a true story about (sexual) harassment in the workplace. It describes the process in which powerful and eupeptic people change into seemingly powerless victims. This book highlights every disgraceful aspect of workplace harassment, the humiliation, how colleagues react and how it effects the work environment when workplace harassment is being ignored. Here you'll find out more about how it feels to be groped and preyed upon by your boss.


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