Workshops and training

Workshops and training

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Realization of the importance of awareness and education in a matter of sexual workplace harassment will not be achieved by only sharing theory about the harassment. We as speakers have to do more than merely drawing up lists about the standard subjects involved. Sure, we also need to mention all these definitions that clarify more about (sexual) workplace harassment, but when we are speaking about something like this it’s our obligation to make full use of that moment. The personal experience of the (sexual) harassment is merged in our workshops in a transparent and accessible way. This makes it possible for everyone to experience how it feels to be groped and preyed up on by a superior or co-worker. That real-life experience, which runs like a common thread through our presentation, distinguishes us from other more theoretical presentations.

There are two main actions that employers must take to avoid liability for sexual harassment.

    −  Take all reasonable steps to prevent sexual harassment from occurring. In order to prevent sexual harassment an employer should have a sexual harassment policy, implement it as fully as possible and monitor its effectiveness.

    −  If sexual harassment does occur, take appropriate remedial action. In order to remedy sexual harassment an employer should have appropriate procedures for swiftly dealing with complaints once they are made.


AWH certificate

The AWH workshop provides you with:

• Guide to code of practice

• What is sexual workplace harassment

• When is sexual workplace harassment unlawful

• Liability

• Preventing sexual harassment and all reasonable steps

• Complaint procedure

• Guidelines for small businesses

• Other duties of employers

• Simple steps to prevent the workplace from sexual  harassment

• Exam (quiz) and discussion. Hand-out study material

• We will close the workshop with a retrospect and a Q&A

• The certification

Basically, this workshop covers all aspects of (sexual) workplace harassment including the effect of leadership and management style on workplace harassment.

About Workplace Harassment provides training and workshops

1. A standard program ‘Keep (sexual) harassment outside the workplace’. This presentation will be an acquaintance with the subject and suitable for students, in office presentations or trainings.

2. A tailor-made presentation about (sexual) workplace harassment for your audience / target group. For example: human resource managers, counselors, lawyers, labor unions or governments.

3. A training on your company's sexual harassment policy. It's obliged for companies to pro-actively share their sexual harassment policy with the employees and test their knowledge. The sexual harassment policy and questionnaire are designed to ensure that the employee understands the policy.

Please contact us via if you have any question about the right adjustments for your presentation wishes. The workshops also provide you with some practical information that is immediately implementable and guarantees success. The workshops and training are available in Dutch and English.


Cancellation of workshops within 2 months will be charged for 100% 

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