Karin Bosman

Karin Bosman


Karin Bosman, Managing Director About Workplace Harassment B.V. | Report App B.V.

Work experience

  • Managing Director of AWH. AWH provides trainings, lectures and workshops about unwanted behavior in the workplace, integrity issues and provides certified counselor trainings.
  • Managing Director of Report App. Report App is a preventive absenteeism platform / smartphone application to address unwanted behavior and integrity issues in the workplace.
  • Senior Consultant at the Institute of Knowledge and Leadership in Dubai (UAE)
  • Active member political lobby Dutch Kingdom, concerning workplace safety
  • International spokesperson and authority in the field of unwanted behavior in the workplace

  • More than twenty years of work experience in communication and advertisement business (worldwide agencies like DMB&B)


  • Providing lectures, workshops and training about sexual harassment in the workplace and managing (political) discussion groups

  • Researcher in Dutch Kingdom responsible for workplace safety. Advisory report local governments.

  • Counseling and coaching on (sexual) workplace harassment cases

  • Advice and development of internal policies and complaint procedures

  • Counseling / consulting projects in the matter of (sexual) workplace harassment cases, worldwide

  • In consultation with Dutch, Curacao and Aruban government concerning amendment and awareness unwanted behavior in the workplace and implementation of the Report App

  • Labor law study including equal treatment, health and safety at work, the fight against discrimination and for public health

  • Keynote-speaker Denim Day New York 2018 | Sexual Assault Awareness Month

  • Development of teaching material on sexual harassment for primary schools

  • Author of ‘Spitting on Hans’ tosti’, original title ‘Spugen op de tosti van Hans’

  • Initiator #Walk2Talk. Awareness event, walk from Trump Towers, New York City to The White House, Washington DC

  • Dutch Ambassador Denim Day New York in Amsterdam (Netherlands). Model for Coffee Table Book with survivor’s sexual violence

  • Creator of #BASTA! a 2018 poster campaign in the Netherlands supported by a #BASTA! smartphone application for schools and universities to empower people to report (sexual) harassment

  • Development of teaching material on sexual harassment for primary schools

Workshop and training experience

  • Certified Counselor Training
    • Mc Donald’s Netherlands
    • RDW, Dutch National Road Administration
    • Novamedia
    • Central Bank of Curacao and St. Martin
    • Wieden + Kennedy Netherlands
    • 72 and Sunny Netherlands
    • Vopak
    • Palm Tours Corporation (Aruba)
    • Fontys and Avans University Eindhoven (Netherlands)


  • Workshop/ Awareness Session
    • University of Central Florida (UCF)
    • MCB bank Curacao
    • University of Wageningen (Netherlands)
    • ISSM, Lahore (Pakistan)
    • University of Aruba
    • University of Curacao
    • Alfa College, Groningen (Netherlands)
    • HRMA, Princeton (USA)
    • SHRM chapters (USA)
    • FNV Vrouw (Dutch trade union)


  • Other
    • Co-writer initiative legislation unwanted behavior in the workplace for the parliament of Curacao
    • Columnist Eurasia Media Network
    • International Women's Day presentation about sexual harassment for the members of Centro di Bario Playa Pabou (Aruba)
    • Ministry of Administration of Curacao, 2 days training session 'effective policies to combat sexual harassment and unwanted behavior
    • Alfa College Groningen (Netherlands) #BASTA! session about (digital) sexual harassment in education
      • IPA Aruba (teacher education), session about online sexual harassment
      • DEDiMA Curacao, session on what is sexual harassment and what is not
      • Keynote speaker at seminar ‘Dealing with sexual workplace harassment’ for Curacao sponsored by Maduro Curiel’s Bank and opened by the Minister of Social Affairs. (Audience 150+)
      • University Aruba – Sexual Harassment in the workplace based on personal book Spitting on Hans’ tosti (audience: Aruban community 100+)
      • FNV Vrouw (Labor organization) – Sexual Harassment, International Women’s Day
      • AHRA (Aruba Human Resources Association) – Keep sexual harassment out of the workplace (audience: HR Manager member of AHRA – 30+)
      • IPA Aruba (teacher education) – What about sexual harassment in the workplace (audience 80+: students, age 17-30)
      • Vrouwenplaza (womens’s organization Netherlands) – leading political discussion group for women about sexual harassment / assault in the workplace
      • ATIA employer's organizations Aruba presentation workplace safety (audience: 25+)
      • Presentation at the Aruban Ministry of Social Affairs and labor inspection, workplace safety
      • Training - unwanted behavior - for the complete staff of Manchebo Beach Resort and Spa (audience: 140+)
      • Keynote speaker at seminar ‘Dealing with sexual workplace harassment’ for Aruba opened by the Minster of Social Affairs (audience: 60+)